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Samantha Winn

Certified ADHD Life Coach. "Beat overwhelm. Get things done. Know and love yourself."


About Samantha

My passion is to help those with ADHD/ADD (diagnosed or suspected) find their path to success and flourishing. Clients who have worked with me say they've gained hope, achieved goals, shifted perspectives, and embraced a more positive view of themselves and others.

I grew up with ADHD but was in college, training to be a teacher, before I knew there was a name for the collection of traits that made me and some family members delightfully unique and occasionally exasperating. Through experience as an educator and as a mom of a child with ADHD, I have grown in my understanding of the challenges and gifts of ADHD.

Desiring to help others on their ADHD journey, I trained at the International ADHD Coach Training Center where I was equipped with the knowledge, tools, and coaching experience that led to becoming a Certified ADHD Life Coach.

I am eager to coach those who are ready to find their path to a good life -- one full of compassion, curiosity, creativity, competence, and confidence, even if perfect consistency eludes them.

  • Iowa, United States
  • Certified ADHD Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Adults with ADHD/ADD
  • College students with ADHD/ADD
  • Parents of children with ADHD
  • Youth with ADHD/ADD