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About Jim

Having come through all the stages of life to my advanced years, I have served in many capacities always striving to engage individuals and communities in healthy pursuits that bring them fulfillment and successfully contribute to the happiness of others. I served almost 40 years in pastoral ministry. The last 17 years I have been an alcohol and drug abuse counselor in Illinois and for the last 8 years have had my own counseling center for substance abuse in Cicero, Illinois, that serves people mandated by the court for certain legal issues such as driving under the influence.

Today, I am able to support your desire to find your own inner gifts. I am most interested in helping people that have struggled with substance abuse and addiction to reconnect with their higher power in that spiritual space within them they so desperately sought to satisfy through the use of alcohol and/or other drugs.

Whatever your pursuit, I welcome your inquiries and will consult with you to identify the type of coaching that best fits your hopes and dreams for the life you are seeking to live.

  • Illinois, United States
  • BA in Philosophy
  • Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
  • Masters in Divinity
Who I Help
  • Individuals seeking to deepen their relationship with God
  • Individuals seeking to overcome struggles and challenges
  • Individuals with alcohol and substance abuse, alcoholism, and addictions