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Sade Johns

You can create and manifest your best soft life!


About Sade

Hello! My name is Sade. My goal as a soft life and manifestation coach is to help you create the life of your dreams, incorporating the power of manifestation with a soft life mindset. My Patreons have exclusive access to my Guilded community, the Comfort Clique. In this community, I host workshops on how to create impactful manifestations, self-concept alignment, how to live a soft life, and self-care prioritization. I also host live Q/As and monthly affirmation challenges.

I truly believe that everyone has the power to manifest their best life. I enjoy teaching people that they are precious and must put themselves first to be their best. For the past seven years, I have helped people discover what's important to them and accomplish their goals

  • Virginia, United States
  • Phd, Health Psychology
Who I Help
  • Law of Assumption Followers
  • Manifestation Seekers
  • Women
  • Women of Color
  • Young Adults