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About Damodar

Hi! My name is Damodar. I offer 1:1 Guided Journal Coaching.

I'm passionate about ideas, communication, and spirituality. I find satisfaction in contributing to the well-being of other people. Coaching is a way that I get to encounter the richness, depth, and sophistication of each unique individual. As an entrepreneur, I get to continually invest in my ongoing education, and enjoy success both directly as a coach, and vicariously through my clients.

Here’s the Story of Experiences that Shaped Me


For seven years I served as a monk. I practiced conscious living, service to others, and mantra meditation.

The biggest thing I learned was that an unexamined life leaves us shallow, with unhealthy baggage hidden behind our social masks. But simply adopting a belief system and going through the motions doesn't change this. As part of a balanced lifestyle in this world, we can be refreshed while experiencing spirit through the through the daily practice of prayer and meditation. This is possible when we build our lives on the foundation of honesty.


I was certified in crisis intervention by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We performed intensive role-plays to put ourselves in the shoes of suicidal people, as well as responders to their crisis.

After completing the training, I was really struggling with the heavy and overwhelming nature of the work. But my mentor told me, “When you make room in your heart for the pain of other people, it can be overwhelming. But because that pain isn’t yours, it goes away soon. And then you’re left with a heart that’s bigger than it would have been, if you’d never bothered to care.”

I learned that rather than trying to convince people not to give up, it’s more effective to empathize with where they’re at. Because then they no longer feel alone in their situation and emotions.


I attended intensive self-development retreats, as well as an extended course in the principles and practices of transformative life coaching.

I realized that although we grow over time, we never get it fully “figured out”. Leadership in personal growth, therefore, is about modeling honesty from where I’m at, while also sincerely persevering forward to greater levels of integrity and service.


I mentored teenagers, mostly from broken and dysfunctional homes, to help them find healthy ways of coping with life and staying positive. I also supervised groups at a shelter and took them on trips.

I learned that we shouldn’t compare ourselves with other people because we have different stories than they do. As we live courageously for its own sake, the day will come when we’ll see how far we’ve come, and relish a sense of accomplishment by the private meaning it has to us.


I spent some years working at a retirement home for seniors living with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

I learned how to care about people while simultaneously having the detachment to accept that I can’t control everything the way I’d like to — I can’t make people cooperate even when what I’m offering is in their obvious best-interest, and I can’t keep anyone from passing away.

Even good people aren't devoid of the propensity for impatience, frustration, or anger. Rather, they cultivate attitudes which empower them to maintain their composure, so they can continue to act compassionately despite challenging or even hostile responses.


Since I began offering personal coaching, I’ve been providing my clients with a place to be fully honest, introspect, and pursue their goals. I get to know people on a deep level over a significant period of time. This experience has defined the insights and principles that make me unique as a coach.

  • California, United States
Who I Help
  • Introspective Journalers
  • People who are too hard on themselves
  • People who struggle with anger
  • People who struggle with pride or shame
  • People who struggle with resentment, cynicism, or negative thinking
  • People who struggle with social anxiety or codependence
  • People who want to define themselves
  • Seekers