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Julie Noonan

Coaching senior leaders to stay relevant and at the top of their game so they can leave a legacy of astounding success.


About Julie

Julie believes in unapologetic authenticity, candor, integrity and humor. She will tell you the TRUTH, even if it stings. Her strengths include:

Genuine love of people in all their messiness
Talent for idea-generation that helps her clients expand their thinking and innovate
Keen focus on maximizing the talents of others
Ability to recognize the inherent connections between concepts, disciplines, ideas and people to create better solutions
Firm belief in creating real relationships with clients to “meet the need beneath the need”
Intuition to “feel” the culture and energy in an organization to guide adjustments needed to better align with mission
Formidable ability to confidently, and tactfully, call “BS”, speaking truth to power
Stubborn resilience in the face of failure
Determination to continue learning and growing

Julie has years of executive-level experience in consulting in both the private and public sectors, as well as years of experience as a corporate employee. She has spent her career coaching leaders at all levels in many industries and through many challenges – both professional and personal.

  • Florida, United States
Who I Help
  • Corporate Leaders Sponsoring Change Initiatives
  • Mid- Late-Career Executives
  • Start-up Leadership Teams