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About Sonja

Sonja’s first memorable experience with sexism was in her advanced placement physics class with a male teacher and all male classmates. Her classmates drew her maps to the home economics classroom and asked her if she made them sandwiches for lunch. Undeterred, she double majored in chemical engineering and paper science engineering due to her curiosity in how the world worked. In her first professional job she again found herself as the sole female in a male team as a chemical sales rep in the Paper Manufacturing Industry. There she found herself quietly facing sexist comments and an uncomfortable work environment. In her quest to find a positive work culture she transitioned into software sales and remained disappointed in the male dominated STEM industry. Her quest to find a job that celebrated her identity she found herself in Zurich, Switzerland studying at ETH. Serendipitously she started a job at On working in demand planning. While in this role she experienced for the first time a company culture that allowed her to be her full authentic self.

Through her experiences Sonja was driven to help other women define their authentic self in their chosen career, unlocking the power to create comfort in uncomfortable situations. Sonja is a certified professional coach guiding others to define their values and discover their unique essence leading to powerful transformations.

  • Oregon, United States
  • Certified Professional Coach
Who I Help
  • Early Leaders
  • High Potential
  • Middle Management
  • STEM Careers
  • Women
  • Young Professionals