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Karen Styles

Helping people who hate their good-on-paper jobs figure out WTF to do next.


About Karen

Hey there! I’m a Career and Life Coach, founder of Flow + Fire Coaching, and the host of the Intentional Career Podcast.

I’ve worked in a bunch of different areas - Career Services, Customer Service, Executive Recruitment, and Education to name a few. During that time I had a ton of angst about my work, before following my calling as a coach. I'm now a certified Wayfinder Life Coach through Martha Beck, Inc.

When I work with clients, we dig through the muck of conflicting thoughts and feelings about work and life so you can listen to your authentic inner voice for guidance. I offer life coaching, career direction, and interview training. I believe everyone deserves to discover and do what lights them up.

Connect with me at or on IG @flowandfire

  • Canada
  • Certified Wayfinder Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Career Changers
  • Coaches
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Executives
  • Mid-Career Professionals