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Kandace Kyere, MSW/LSW

Helping Academically Thriving Black Teens & Young Adults Break Free


About Kandace

Hi, I'm Kandace Kyere (she/her)

I help academically thriving Black teenagers and young adults (ages 13-30) reconnect to themselves and reduce stress, anxiety, and the pressure to be perfect (even if on the outside they're the teen or young adult that appears to have it all figured out).

I do this by creating culturally affirming virtual spaces that allow Black students to show up as their full selves, without having to water down their truth. I know that Black students experience stress, anxiety and life pressures through an additional lens impacted by historical legacies and current issues of racism, discrimination, and prejudices.

In my role as a mental health coach, I am able to work with clients globally and nationwide because I do not take health insurance. This means that I do not diagnose or treat specific mental health conditions. Coaching is designed to help prevent the onset of more serious mental health conditions before they occur or to maintain your wellbeing. I'll empower clients to take action steps that can help them to improve their lives, make healthier decisions, and reduce stress.

I have a unique passion to work with high achieving Black students because I used to be one. During my own experience as an academically thriving Black student, I struggled with internal feelings of low self worth, perfectionism, anxiety, overwhelm, and sadness. Through my personal & professional journey of self-discovery and healing, and through the help of therapy, coaching, support groups, and prayer, I have discovered, and continue to discover, transformational practices and tools to move through the common challenges that academically thriving Black teens and young adults face each day.

My coaching style is compassionate, uplifting, trauma-informed, and anti-oppressive. I believe that teens and young adults are the experts in their own lives and that their voices matter. I choose to partner with them on their journey, helping them uncover and fully realize what's already deep within them so that they can not only thrive outwardly, but also take steps to thrive inwardly.

My work is informed from 10 years of professional & volunteer experience in my work with youth and families. I have diverse experiences working with BIPOC & LGBTQ+ teens, young adults, and parents. I am a Licensed Social Worker in Indiana (LSW, #33009077A), a Licensed Professional Educator in School Social Work in Indiana (#10246270), a mental health professional, coach, speaker, and the founder and owner of Hello Kandace, LLC.

You are not alone, and I look forward to partnering with you on your wellness journey!

  • Indiana, United States
  • Anti-Oppressive and Trauma Informed
  • Licensed Social Worker
  • Master's in Social Work
  • Strength-Based Family Worker
Who I Help
  • Academically Thriving Black Teenagers
  • Academically Thriving Black Young Adults
  • Black Teens (13-17)
  • Black Young Adults (18-25)
  • Gifted Students
  • High Achieving Black Students
  • LGBTQ+ students
  • Parents of Black Teenagers