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About Denise

Finding the strength to pursue the life you’ve always dreamed of takes more than an idea. What you need to truly succeed is a compassionate guide who understands your struggles and has the expertise to help you overcome those hurdles. This is where I am honored to be of help.

My name is Denise Johnson, Founder of DCJ Coaching, as well as a licensed Clinical Mental Health and Addiction Therapist. While I have spent much of my professional life working with adults struggling with addiction, anxiety, trauma, grief, stress management, self-image & self-worth. I have found myself drawn to empowering women in a new way.

Throughout my life, I have been amazed by the way people grow, interact, and change. Having lived in Africa, Brazil, and France, I have gained a unique perspective on how culture and experiences impact each of us in profound ways.

What I found is that we often feel stuck or at a loss of where to go, which leads to discontentment and a lack of motivation. Life does not have to feel this way, and I would love to show you a way through the darkness toward life-giving light.

By supporting women to build healthier relationships with themselves, they are able to start finding ways to become in touch with what they truly need. It is such a rewarding experience to show someone how their lives can transform thanks to the time we spend working side-by-side.

I offer a wide range of options to suit each individual’s specific needs and desires during this journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment.

You no longer have to live without purpose or direction. All it takes is making the move to seek out help and start the process. Feel free to explore the services I offer, and reach out when you’re ready to Live, Breathe, Thrive.

  • North Carolina, United States