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About B.

I am looking forward to partnering with you!

The trajectory of my life has not always been linear. It is dynamic and complex. And as entertaining as it is to dwell on and analyse the past, I prefer to project myself into the future and let my coachees profit from my journey of lifelong learning.

I have navigated my own learning experience through the acquisition of a traditional trade certificate and a hands-on design study in a design academy. Traveled the world working for small family-owned businesses and big corporations. Founded my own company against all odds in a country whose language I barely mastered. Love the unknown and the learning curve that enriches my life every time I have the privilege to encounter new territory.

I have learned to connect my hands with my mind and my words. Learned to take a break and reflect on lessons and potential. Learned to listen and indulge. Learned to be practical, compassionate, and authentic.

Last but not least, I apply my understanding of the “eternal learner” to myself: holding several diplomas and certificates as a maker, designer and teacher, I am currently rounding up my level of knowledge with specific Vertical Leadership Development training and an ICF ACC Credential.

So lets team up, take a break and connect!

  • Germany
  • Associate Certified Coach on certification track
  • Certified Graduate Coach
  • VLD Coach on certification track
Who I Help
  • Everyone