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About Angelika

Angelika leverages her wealth of business and coaching experience to help you sharpen your focus and concentrate on the activities that will achieve the biggest results.

Angelika works with you to clarify your business vision, ensuring it fits with your personal purpose and aspirations. With a clear, consistent focus you will make better decisions. Instead of spinning your wheels, you can concentrate on the activities that deliver the greatest reward. Rather than making impossible demands on yourself, you will start setting realistic expectations.

As your coach, Angelika acts as your compass: always there to provide guidance and feedback and keep you and your business on course. She will open your eyes to blind spots, open your mind to new habits and ideas, close knowledge gaps and act as a sounding board.

In partnership, you will devise and implement action plans, solve problems and design a business that works for you.

Accountability is key to success, but as a business owner it can be all too easy to sidestep. Expect Angelika to hold you to account and make you confront your own performance indicators. You will find yourself consistently walking the walk. That’s not only great for your business results, it also builds personal confidence and leadership skills.

Whether you are seeking to take your business to another level, realise exponential growth, improve profitability or take a step back from day-to-day operations without jeopardising results, Angelika’s coaching and guidance will help make your big, impossible-looking goals achievable.

  • Australia
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Professional Business Coach
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Certified Professional Wellness Coach
Who I Help
  • business coach for women
  • female entrepreneurs
  • productivity coach
  • small to medium size business owners
  • women in business