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Jim Hodapp

I work to help you become even more of a truly amazing software engineer - I'm one part software engineering manager, the other part applied life coach.


About Jim

I'm passionate about working with software engineers of all kinds - embedded, systems, web/cloud and at every stage of your career.

Even if you're not a software engineer today and are thinking about making the switch, I can help you more confidently transition into your new exciting career focus.

I will help you begin and further master the art and science of being a truly amazing software engineer. That includes every aspect of being one: technical, relational, communication, organizational and most importantly, developing much better self-understanding.

I've been crafting software since I was 10 and I've worked with nearly every major language and even some obscure ones. I studied computer science and electrical engineering in university and have worked as a professional software engineer for many years. I've also worked as a technical pre-sales engineer, lead software teams as a tech lead and engineering manager/director.

I work with engineers from all around the world.

I’m excited to show you the difference I can make in helping you achieve your software engineering career goals!

It's easy to get started with me by scheduling a free 30 minute intro conversation:

  • Illinois, United States
  • BSEE
Who I Help
  • Pre-sales Engineers
  • Software Engineering Directors
  • Software Engineering Managers
  • Software Engineers
  • Software Teams