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Kaidi Bowen

I help leaders transition from corporate to self-employed and I’m also a confidence coach for women


About Kaidi

My role is to help leaders move from striving to thriving, to trust their instincts, believe in their capability and transform their impact as an authentic leader.

By helping leaders develop a sense of control over their environment, to accountability in achieving their goals and aspirations both for work and life balance.

Overcoming fear, imposter syndrome, lack of confidence in decision making, lack of presence to authoritatively lead others.

My coaching philosophy is based on the Co-active corner stone, everyone is naturally creative resourceful and whole. I believe all goals are achievable, if there within our capability and we want to achieve them, it is only when that’s truly changeable.

I am guided by my intuition and belief that the standard of leadership can make or break a company and so supporting leaders to reach their potential, realise their strengths and to recognise their blind spots and growth areas is essential for all the peoples lives involved.

I’m a playing big facilitator helping women achieve personal growth, in a group program.

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  • United Kingdom
  • Certified professional Co-active coach
  • Mental Fitness Coach
  • Playing Big Facilitator & Coach
  • Professional Certified Coach
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders
  • Women