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D. Janette

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About D.

I provide my clients with the tools,resources and wisdom I've gained over the years through my professional training and on my own journey to transformation.
One thing you'll quickly learn about me,is that I tell it to you straight.
Because I believe that's the best way to serve you.
If I just told you what you WANTED to hear you might feel good in the short term, but in the long term
you wouldn't really get the results you were looking for.
I want you to get results, so I'm going to call you out when necessary.(Respectfully of course)

You can think of me as your supportive yet honest bestie from here on out, My goal for you is to create the life that YOU WANT. One with freedom, choice, and love.
Sometimes I'Il tell you things you don't want to hear...
Sometimes I'll give it to you straight...
But I'll always have your best interest in mind.
I believe in getting the desired results , so I'm firmly planted in your corner.

  • New Jersey, United States
  • Certified Life Coach
  • NLP certified
Who I Help
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Female Entrepreneurs
  • Groups
  • Men
  • Single Moms
  • Teen Girls
  • Women