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Susan Yockey

Teaching and empowering women how to heal and master internal suffering


About Susan

Mama of 4 adult sons and an 8 yr old daughter, grandma of 5 girls and 1 boy. Married 26 yrs to my twin flame & soulmate. Over a decade ago I struggled with addiction to pain pills. Was living in chronic pain from several diagnosed dis-eases. Living paycheck to paycheck and on welfare programs to make ends meet. Deep in debt even after filing bankruptcy once. Depressed, hopeless and feeling helpless all I wanted was out, whether through suicide or to run away from it all. That was until I met a Doctor who gave a shit, accept he referred me to Landmark Worldwide. My life transformed the weekend I attended, everything I ever wanted suddenly became possible. I decided in that weekend that my mission to help people be free from internal suffering and live a life of what is possible became my game. Today, I live pain free, happily married and have went from living in poverty to earning more than $100K a year with a goal to achieve 7 figure income while transforming the lives of others.

  • Montana, United States
  • 2 years training and developed in Tony Robbins Programs
  • 5 1/2 Yrs training and developed in Landmark Worldwide programs
  • 5 + years studying and applying the Law of Attraction
Who I Help
  • entrepeneurs
  • moms
  • Soulpreneurs
  • Women
  • women over 30