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Korey Jenkins

Learn to live the life you're being called to live!


About Korey

Hi there! I'm Korey Jenkins...thanks for checking out my profile.

I am a certified life, confidence, self care, and emotional intelligence coach that wants to you live the life that you are called to live.

I show women how to use their untapped resources to become the champions of their emotions, minds, and voices, so they can use leadership skills and master their emotions, minds, and voices. That way, they can get the life they want and make the impact they're meant to.

I will equip you with the skills they need to tackle burnout and get out of crisis mode. In doing this, they are able to confront their limiting beliefs, use imposter syndrome to their benefit (and not their detriment) and stop playing small.

After working with me, my clients gain the lifelong tools and skills needed to break down the ways that they lose themselves to living on autopilot.

  • California, United States
  • Certified life, confidence, self care and emotional intelligence coach
Who I Help
  • Female Entrepreneurs
  • WOC
  • Women
  • Women in Leadership