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Stalene Hall

Get aligned with your purpose and be ABUNDANTLY MAGNETIC!


About Stalene

Human Design lead me on the most amazing journey of re-discovery of my true self. It’s given me the roadmap to understanding how my energy works, how my intuition speaks to me, and how to recognize when I’m in alignment with my heart’s desires! It’s been a total game changer and the biggest self confidence builder.

Human Design helped me honor my unique gifts. Through learning and experimenting with my design, I finally gave myself permission to have a million unrelated interests without feeling embarrassed that I “appeared” too scattered. As a 2/5 Sacral Mani Gen, I’m meant to have a million interests – that’s exactly the way I’m designed to be!

There is only one YOU and I can’t wait to help you re-discover YOUR amazing, perfectly designed self. The you that is truly Abundantly Magnetic!

I offer:
🧬Human Design Reading & Coaching
🌈Vibrational Tuning Therapy
⚡️1:1 Synthesis Coaching

  • New York, United States