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Katie Brunelle

Business Development Specialist & Creator of The Muse Method (inspiring authenticity, integrity and strategy in your business)


About Katie

I’m a writer, speaker and entrepreneur in Portland, Maine. I'm co-founder, CEO, and Creative Driver behind Muse Global Group. I grow businesses from the seed idea with all the boring, nitty-gritty details supporting a strong foundation.

I spent 13 years in education and then co-founded a start-up company called The Adulting School that went viral in international media. I've been interviewed in media such as The Cut, Cheddar, Now This, BBC, FOX, The Doctors, and Elle Magazine.

With the success of bringing a company to media attention, I stepped into my place as a leader to inspire others to do the same. I created The Muse Method to do just that. Inspiring authenticity, integrity and strategy in your business through 1:1 coaching, small group programming and consulting contracts to come and do it for you.

I’m a mother of two and the three of us are joined in our home by my partner, three dogs, three cats, a turtle and occasionally a tenant in my guest room. Multi-passionate, I co-host an LGBTQ-related podcast called Redefining the Rainbow and produce a TV show called Plate the State. I'm passionate about changing the corporate vision to one that allows for dedication to both your work and other healthy life priorities, including but not limited to, being a present parent.

  • Maine, United States
  • Certified Education Specialist
  • Public Relations Strategy
Who I Help
  • entrepreneurs
  • startup founders