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Stephen Smith

Helping small business owners get ready to sell their business


About Stephen

Today I'm growing a new agency to help small business owners discover and embrace their rare life by helping them prepare to sell their small businesses. Here's why my passion is to help you:

When I entered negotiations to sell my small business in 2019, I thought I was ready. I had read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, studied all the articles.

But I wasn't ready ...

Our agency was growing fast, but not fast enough to keep up with the rapidly expanding markets we served. The company my wife and I started in a small bedroom of a tiny rental house two decades earlier now had 30 employees across 6 states, serving clients throughout the country. There was no end to the growth potential.

We closed the sale to a strategic acquirer on the other side of the country in 2020 — in the midst of a pandemic, with none of the parties ever being in the same room.

— —
There are three main areas of focus when getting your small business ready to sell:

• THE MONEY — There are things you can do with your company’s financials today that will reap significant benefits when negotiating the sale of your business.

• THE MECHANICS — Systems. Processes. Operations. Getting your functional house in order is critical if you hope to get top dollar for your business.

• THE MINDSET — What's going on in your head impacts every aspect of the acquisition progress. Prepare your "thinking" if you want your "doing" to be effective.
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Join me and other small business owners like you in our mission to discover and share how to get your small business ready to sell.

  • Alabama, United States
Who I Help
  • Small Business Owners