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Lizz Alexander

I help professionals, academics, and students cope with the demands of their busy lives and achieve their goals with more confidence, ease, and resilience.


About Lizz

As a self-employed mom with 3 kids, I know what it’s like to feel exhausted and worn out. Some days, it feels like I’m in survival mode, just taking it one moment at a time. Fortunately, I have learned some powerful strategies and techniques for handling the self-doubt, anxiety, and stress that have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. And I would love to share these strategies with other ambitious (but perhaps insecure or doubtful) individuals who want to more effectively navigate the challenges of work, school, and/or life; more confidently pursue their goals, ambitions, and dreams; and find more acceptance and peace within themselves.

A bit more about me: I had my third baby two weeks after defending my dissertation for my PhD. Grad school wasn’t easy and I needed a break, so I took a year off, not sure what my next step was going to be. As a graduate student, I had worked with many other university students helping them to optimize their learning and achieve their goals, and I always loved the one-on-one work. And so, when I was approached by a former colleague about starting a business to coach students virtually, I jumped at the opportunity.

Since starting my business in 2020, I have felt a growing call to help more people transform their lives. I am so inspired and moved by the profound effect coaching has had on me and the people I work with that I cannot ignore the call. If you would like to boost your well-being and enhance your ability to handle work, school, and/or life challenges, I would love to work with you!

  • Canada
  • Certified Virtual Coach
  • HeartMath Certified Mentor
Who I Help
  • Academics
  • Graduate students
  • Postsecondary students
  • Professionals