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About Jenna

Hi there

I work with women who are struggling with the signs and symptoms of perimenopause / menopause and midlife weight gain.

After putting on 20kg and feeling like I was going mad when I stumbled into perimenopause (who knew what that was!) I've made it my life's work to help other women understand this life stage and their bodies.

I love encouraging ladies to be kind to themselves at this time and to know that they can take control using four pillars: awareness, the estrogen effect, mindset and connection.

Of course, we work on food and lifestyle to help you fit your jeans and sleep through the night again. But we also help you to understand what's going on in your body AND your brain. Because the brain plays a big role in perimenopause / menopause.

Get in touch with me for a free chat about how I can help you.

  • New Zealand