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About Liz

Liz Eisman has dedicated her life to connection. She has extensive experience in the fields of trauma, social work, group trainings, massage therapy, and yoga instruction; and has been working one one-on-one with clients since 1995.

Liz is a gifted communicator skilled at providing the support and nurturance necessary for deep work. Her understanding of the body/mind connection is informed by her personal meditation, mindfulness, and yoga practices. Liz approaches people with respect and enjoys helping them to reconnect on a variety of levels. In addition to her diverse training in the healing arts, Liz has also worked as a mediator, organizer, and floral designer.

“Liz knows the body and understands the landscape of the mind. Liz deeply cares for people and has a unique capacity to hold her clients in a safe and supportive way. Using her skills of creativity and intuition, Liz is an invaluable partner on the journey to wholeness.” -current client testimonial

  • Oregon, United States
  • Certified Kiloby Inquiries Provider
  • Certified Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Certified Professional Organizer
  • Certified Realization Process Pracitioner
  • Certified Trauma Informed Coach
  • Certified TRE Practioner
  • Certified Yoga Instructor