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Rebekah Hamner

Be happy. Keep growing. Share with others.


About Rebekah

We are all building the plane as we are flying it, so let's have fun along the way. I took myself and life so seriously for many years. Much of that came from fear, doubt and worry (Sound familiar?). When I decided to change my focus I became happier, people around me noticed and it became a lot more fun for everyone. Then things we all seek came with much more ease- relationships, finances, travel, peace of mind, even happiness. I love working with beginners and intermediate level learners who are ready to begin their personal development journey or simply go to the next level. I work with you to find out where you are and how ready you are to evolve. Together we can make real change and have fun too. Contact me now for a free 30 min discovery call. :-)

  • Texas, United States