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About Jessica

I help Christian Women who desire a stronger emotional connection in their closest relationships.

This process begins with you and your relationship with the Lord. How much awareness do you have around your daily thoughts, feelings, and actions? How does the Holy Spirit counsel, guide, and comfort you, moment-to-moment? How are the good, unique, and God-given desires of your soul being honored in your day-to-day decisions?

Together, we will explore these questions and more. You will be safe. You will be heard. You will be challenged. And you will begin to see your life transform.

From the overflow of a full heart, a calm mind, a healthy body, and a centered spirit, you will quite naturally become the kind of person you have always desired to be. As a result, your relationships will benefit, change, and even thrive.

  • Texas, United States
  • CPLC, Certified Professional Life Coach from PCCI
Who I Help
  • Christian Women