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Desiree Casimir

Unlock, discover, reveal and invest in your most important relationship...YOU!


About Desiree

"The prison is in your mind - the key is in your pocket" - Dr Edith Eger


After facing many adversities in life, including surviving a terminal illness, a traumatic childhood, burying my firstborn child and a devastating divorce, I was compelled to truly look within, in stillness and self-inquiry. We all hold on to negative and unwanted energies, beliefs and thoughts that do not serve us well in our lives and through pain decide to commit to the hard work in releasing these unnecessary ideas, however challenging or difficult, in order for us to make space for more positive and loving emotions to replace them with.

We each of us are born into a life situation of which we have have no control over, whether it be fortunate enough to begin our life journey into ‘postcode and privilege’ or instead, into 'poverty and misfortune', most of us somewhere in between, however, no matter what cards we were dealt with in life, I do believe we still have a choice as to how we choose to live our our ‘spirit’ life in this ‘human’ form.

For me, the understanding and knowledge of practices and boundaries now cannot be ‘unlearnt’. In other words, I can no longer claim ignorance if the choices I now make in my life are not aligned with the highest vision of myself and are not forging the most loving, compassion and positive outcome for myself those around me. It is now up to me to be of a disciplined mind and follow through with thoughts and actions that serve me well and the people I interact with.

Simply put, when you know better – you do better - (Maya Angelo)

There is another way to ‘be’ in the world, suggesting a more peaceful and less chaotic way of being, ultimately pulling us out of our own suffering that we all endure at some point in our lives and in varying degrees. Some more painful beyond measure – if only we knew better and were equipped with the right tools…

  • Australia
  • Jay Shetty Certified Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Singles/life changes/identity struggles/transformation work