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About Christina

I am a business and well-being coach, with a particular focus on 1:1 coaching with entrepreneurs, business owners and individuals who are embarking on a career change.

I trained in coaching with Barefoot Coaching in the UK and am certified by the International Coaching Federation.

I work with a blend of coaching methodologies, supporting my clients to get clear on their current situation, define their business and personal goals and move forward with confidence.

I keep focused on the practical and strategic elements of the conversation, whilst paying close attention to any personal obstacles that need to be addressed (such as limiting belief systems, self-doubt or a persistent inner-critic).

I draw on my experience as a strategic marketer, ensuring that my clients’ goals, business plans and marketing tactics are in line with their personal vision and values. I’m told that it’s the blend of creative, empathic coaching skills with a practical, clear mindset that make the difference for those I work with.

I integrate creative tools such as collage and art journaling into my coaching when this fits with the learning style and goals of the client. This brings an extra dimension to the coaching, allowing us to work with goals, beliefs and motivation from a perspective that is often surprising and transformative for the client.

  • United Kingdom
  • International Coaching Federation ACC
Who I Help
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs