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About LaDema

Hello! I'm LaDema Cummings, your Coach for whatever you're Wrestling with. I believe we have to Embrace our struggles and issues, and wrestle with them until we come to an understanding, acceptance, plan, solution.

I've worked in the Mental Health/Psychiatric field for over 30 years and have worn many hats as an Advanced Practice Nurse. I have worked as a Therapist (individual, family, group), a Program Developer for Day Treatment programs, a Consultant, and a Prescriber. I've had the honor of working with everyone from the "worried well" to the chronically and severely mentally ill, and also individuals with addiction.

I enjoy working with women and helping them to find their INNER STRENGTH, as well as the GEMS they have hidden inside of them. So many women have no idea what they have inside of them just waiting to be tapped into!

I provide Coaching services for a variety of life situations/issues:
*Mindset/Reset: looking at issues from a different perspective; seeing the glass as 1/2 full
*Establishing Emotionally Healthy Boundaries in all aspects of life. This also includes setting
boundaries with an adult son/daughter in active addiction
*Life Transitions : moving from one phase of life to another (ie: divorce, empty nester,

Check out my podcast: Embrace the Wrestle. You can find it where ever you listen to podcasts

Email me with any questions you may have. I do offer a free 30 minute session for you to learn how I might be able to help you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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