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Alison Verge

Helping 40+ singles find their best match without the need for online dating. Also help couples experiencing a sudden trauma (illness, disability). 💕


About Alison

Alison is a certified Sexologist, Relationship Coach, Dating Expert, co-author of "Radical Self Love", and her favourite title, mother of two amazing teenage girls.

Through her Path2Love Coaching practice, she helps busy professionals over 40 discover who they are, what they need, and how to get what they REALLY want in terms of lasting love. Clients go from feeling frustrated and hopeless about love to energized and confidently able to meet the right partner; so they can have the incredible, lasting relationship they so desire. Alison believes finding love is possible with or without dating apps or a combined approach.

Alison also helps couples who have experienced a sudden upset in their relationship like disability or illness (something she knows well), how to adjust and still have a fulfilling relationship.

Her services include 1:1 coaching sessions, group coaching, relationship-based products, courses, and her soon-to-launch membership community for professionals over 40. Here’s some of what she delivers to her clients:

• Detailed, research-based approach to gain clarity on exactly what you need in a partner.
• Clearing limiting beliefs.
• Building confidence, self-worth, and resilience.
• Breaking down past relationship histories, patterns, and problematic expectations.
• Assessing attachment needs and preferences.
• Developing dating skills (flirting etc.), attitudes, and communication styles.
• Uncovering any sexual issues and how to overcome them.
• Personalized strategy to meet your life mate with and/or without dating apps.
• Boundary setting and why it's important.
• Writing dynamic, honest, and compelling profiles to attract the RIGHT MATCHES.
• How to know its right and when it's wrong.
• How to nurture relationships.
• And so much more!

Clients find that the shifts are so great that positive changes extend beyond just their love life. There is a ripple effect along with a new vision for a wonderful future they believe they can and will achieve.

  • Canada
  • Certified Sexologist
  • Full Singles, Couples and Life Training from Relationship Coaching Institute
  • Studied Psychology at University
Who I Help
  • couples
  • entrepreneurs
  • professionals
  • singles