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Savannah Esposito

Sex Addiction Recovery Coach | Betrayal Trauma Recovery Coach | Creator & Teacher of the National Certification for Sex Addiction Coaches at The Addictions Academy


About Savannah

Creator and teacher of the National Certification for Sex Addiction Coaches at The Addictions Academy, I'm proud to know that I'm a part of coaches being trained in the most up to date methods to help clients recovering from sex addiction.

I’m a nationally certified life, relationship, and recovery coach with my Bachelors in Forensic Psychology from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I’m passionate about empowering couples that lack relationship skills because they didn't have the role models growing up to teach them about healthy relationships.

I want couples to know that there's no shame in lacking relationship skills and reaching out for help. Between the lack of role models and toxic societal messages about relationships, it's not a shock to feel helpless when you're relationship isn't going right.

I help shift couples perspectives from feeling like nothing can change, to empower them to know they can change their relationship, with the right skills and knowledge!

I work with:
- Couples recovering from the fallout of sexual addiction, intimacy anorexia, infidelity, and/or betrayal trauma
- Couples (engaged, recently married, long-time married with no history of addiction or infidelity/betrayal) that are struggling in their relationship with trust, communication, intimacy, and sex
- Individuals looking to achieve personal development goals so that they can enter their next relationship confidently

  • Connecticut, United States
  • Nationally Certified Life Coach
  • Nationally Certified Recovery Coach
  • Nationally Certified Relationship Coach
Who I Help
  • Engaged couples
  • Married couples
  • Partners with Betrayal Trauma
  • Partners with Intimacy Anorexia
  • Partners with Sexual Addiction (Masturbation, Pornography, Sex)
  • Single Individuals