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Lucy Todd

Career Discovery Coach — Break Free From Your Industry And Discover What's Next


About Lucy

I was a corporate millennial. A 9-to-5er struggling with anxious thoughts and burnout — and no amount of "self-care" seemed to fix it.

But I buried my feelings daily, figuring that no one likes their job anyway. Since I'd already sunk almost 10 years into this industry, I might as well keep going... right?

After years of stuffing it down, I realized I couldn't keep living like that. I had to get out. I didn't just need a new job — I needed a full career reset.

And in just 1 day, I moved from being burnt out and stuck to building a clear plan for my future.

Now I want to help other corporate millennials do the same thing.

  • Washington, United States
  • Certified Professional Coach
Who I Help
  • Anyone ready to change careers
  • Career pivoters
  • Corporate millennials
  • Those in need of career clarity
  • Those in need of the confidence to change industries