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About Eric

I’m a Building and Interior Designer, Project Manager, Serial Entrepreneur, Father, Mentor, and Coach. You may ask what super-skills do I have?

Well on the one hand; I’m a self taught designer who designed my first home when I was only 18 years old. I love to draw, sketch and most of all, dream! So I get what it’s like to be the creative type. The messy desk, the distaste for numbers, and the distinguished fashion sense; I get all that!

On the other hand, I come from a long line of successful entrepreneurs. In fact, no one in my family has ever needed to have a nine to five job. I only had one “job” before I became my own boss. Later, I established my own group of companies and built them into a well-known, award-winning brand. Now, I’m the CEO and Design Director of the VictorEric Group and also have founded 8 other companies. Having built the primary operating company from a single employee to a team of 55 people gives me some real world experience on what it takes for a creative person to run and grow a company.

I also have a passion for the personal-effectiveness movement and have dedicated 20 years to learning and experimenting with the various technologies for breaking through limitations the human mind imposes. I love equipping people with the tools and encouragement they need to become their best; achieving more than what they can even imagine for themselves. Generally, limiting beliefs are the obstacles to the achievement of goals. If you can change your mindset, you can change the results of your life. My on-going commitment to training in personal-effectiveness technologies provides me an extensive menu of options to help people adopt a more successful mindset.

Lastly, I am a husband in a beautiful, ever blossoming marriage and a father of two amazing teenage girls. The experience of growing and guiding a family, especially a family with teenage girls, has put my coaching skills to the test. Balancing nurturing, discipline, encouragement, and inspiration in such a way as to create self-motivated, self-sufficient social contributors requires more patience and skill on my part than just giving away the answer. My philosophy is to not “give a person a fish so they eat for a day. Instead, teach them how to fish so they can eat for a lifetime”.

The combination of these four worlds of experience, makes me the perfect Coach for Creatives!

  • Canada
  • CPHD
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