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Sarah Masat

I help religious + spiritual trauma survivors create a healthier inner world, dismantle shame, and build a life of agency and empowerment.


About Sarah

Hey, I’m Sarah. As a Certified Trauma Recovery coach and trauma survivor, it’s an honor to be a guide to fellow survivors on their healing adventure. Religious + spiritual trauma is isolating and causes deep inner disconnectedness and questioning. As a recovery coach, I travel with you through your story, staying beside you as a guide. We shift the question from “what is wrong with me” to “what happened to me”, with a strength-based approach that uses the tools you already have.

It’s your time to heal.

  • Tennessee, United States
  • Certified trauma recovery coach
Who I Help
  • Couples
  • Cult trauma survivors
  • Spiritual abuse survivors
  • Touring artists
  • Trauma survivors