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Meagan Skidmore

I help parents of LGBTQ+ kiddos of conservative faith background who feel their world has turned upside down. I help them embrace uncertainty & the unknown with compassion, confidence & clarity.


About Meagan

I am a sibling, a daughter, a niece, an aunt, a volunteer, a life coach, a follower of Christ, a counselor, AND a parent of two, one of whom identifies as LGBTQ+. Born and raised conservative faith (LDS), I checked all the boxes (or so I thought) and found out over three years ago there was another one. I learned God had sent us a choice individual, one of the most precious spirits from our Heavenly Parents. He sent us a kiddo who identifies as LGBTQ+.

When the tenets of one’s faith and the lived experience of your family and/or child don’t match up, the cognitive dissonance can be overwhelming. The Family Acceptance Project (FAP) booklet is research based from SFSU & addresses important issues to create healthy & supportive environments especially for those of a conservative faith background. Access the free FAP booklet on my website or go here:

If you feel fearful about the uncertainty of an unknown future and what it holds for you and your family… that is where I come in. I work with parents–like you — of LGBTQ+ kiddos who come from a conservative faith background and whose foundation has been rocked!

I can give you the tools to help you see the cognitive dissonance you experience as a doorway to a bigger, stronger, more expansive and beautiful faith. Get my FREE 20+ page Resource Guide for LGBTQ+ families on my website or here:

Ready to move forward? Go to my website & click the "work with me" button to get started with a complimentary consultation. This helps us determine if we are a good fit. See you soon.

  • Texas, United States
  • Certified LCS Coach
  • School Counseling Psychology, M.S.
Who I Help
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