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About Liz

Hiello! Thank you for taking a minute to investigate me!

Since my grandma taught me about nutrition at age 12, I've been curious about my health:
- how much "bad" food can I eat without gaining weight?
- how much exercise do I need to lose weight, or avoid gaining it to begin with?
- how much Coke can I drink/cookies can I eat without getting the diabetes that runs rampantly in my family?

These are just a few of the things I wondered about in my teens, twenties, and thirties. but by 35, all the bad things had, in fact, caught up to me and I was overweight and my bloodwork at my very first physical was concerning. Working in healthcare by now, I saw in my patients the effects if I didn't make some changes.

I managed to lower my cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and weight by making some minor changes, like cutting out Coke altogether, eliminating all preservatives and hydrogenated oils, and limiting those cookies. Easy peasy!

Then in my 40's, my eating habits went down the drain as I grew in my new 6-figure auto sales career. I didn't have time to cook, so we ordered out 5 days a week. Before long, I was stressed, depressed, overweight, and perimenopausal at 45, It was time to make more changes.

Knowing how to eat (or so I thought) and loving the relationships I formed as a sales consultant, I decided health coaching was the perfect path for me. Within 2 days, everything fell into place. I started a dual Health and Life Coaching course and immediately embarked on my new career!

The only problem was, I knew how to lose weight, and I learned to de-stress, but I was lethargic. I'd lost too much muscle, even though I was eating healthier than ever before and getting a good amount of exercise. I didn't have the confidence to help others because I wasn't actually *feeling* better - I only looked better.

So then my questions took on a different slant:
- why can't I get my hemoglobin up to donate blood anymore? Why am I eating all these iron- and vitamin c- rich foods and not seeing results?
- why am I so depressed even after years of therapy? what more can I clear up?
- why am I perimenopausal so young? I'm healthier than Mom and she went into menopause her 50's!
- why am I so fatigued? My bloodwork is perfect (even my doctor told me not to worry about that low hemoglobin; it was only too low to donate blood, but not too low for medical standards)

So I started investigating, and just at that time a friend introduced me to Functional Diagnostic Nutrition(R) - which reinforced we are ALL different; we ALL have different genetic weak links, and the state of our health today is an accumulation of all we've done to it - good and bad - and doctors don't always know how to find dysfunction.

But FDNP's do! We are like a bridge between nutritionists and functional medicine! Rather than ordering tests to chase diagnoses and treat symptoms, we run functional assessments that help detect Hormonal, Immune, Digestive, Detoxification, Energy Production, and Nervous System saboteurs and identify healing opportunities in your body to RESTORE function!

Through my FDN training, as my own first client, I discovered my adrenals were tanked! My lifelong stress - childhood traumas, being a young, single mother, serving as an Army x-ray tech in Iraq, getting my son through high school, then that fun but high-stress sales career - they did me in!

My life had caught up with me, and all the things I knew to do weren't working. I wasn't producing enough cortisol throughout the day, and that affected my sex hormones too! My gut microflora was completely out of balance, I had candida overgrowth, my minerals were out of balance, AND I wasn't eating the right foods for my body type, regardless of how "healthy" they are for the right people (like avocados, onions, and shrimp)!

Within a week of working my new health-rebuilding protocol, I felt more energized, lost 5 more pounds entirely in my waist, my depression lifted completely, I started sleeping through the night without having to get up to pee (hadn't even considered that as part of my problems), and within two months, my cycles returned to normal - but with a bonus! I rarely have cramps or sore breasts anymore, and when I do, it's nowhere near as painful!

Some other side effects I've noticed in this new health journey - smoother skin, looking younger than I did a few years ago, FEWER GRAYS (YES! I have less GRAY HAIR now than I did 5 years ago), and I've even healed the childhood traumas!

Since becoming a Functional Health Investigator, I have been more confident and passionate about helping others than ever before! I have the tools and the resources to help anyone who wants to help themselves - even if - ESPECIALLY if - you've been EVERYWHERE, seen EVERYONE, and still don't have the answers you need!

If you want to restore your body's function at the cellular level so you, too, can easily lose weight, feel vibrant, and have more energy to do the things you want to do, schedule your free consultation now!

  • Indiana, United States
  • Certified Health Coach (CHC)
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition(R) Practitioner
  • HCI Certified Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Exhausted Women
  • Health Coaches
  • Men
  • Overweight Women
  • Stressed Women
  • Women over 40
  • Women over 50