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About Steve

In 2016, I could retire at age 55, as I had long hoped but I was telling myself "I don't know what to do with my life". I made my next career move, to figure that out and then create it.
Now, I tell myself "I love my life!" and there are so many things I want to create. Right now, my life activities look like Summer Camp for grown ups. I expect the next couple decades will happily be filled with evolving, re-firing and shaping myself and life.

The primary role I've taken on is working as a Life Coach, serving people like me who are interested in their 3rd act being a practice of wringing all the fulfillment they can from their one precious life. Together we remove the shackles of old, limiting beliefs and tap into latent dreams and possibilities not yet pursued. We'll connect personal values with thoughts that support moving forward with the clarity and confidence needed to create a life they love.

Along the way to this, I survived a major heart attack and this informs the work I do and how I do it. My coaching style is friendly and fun, with a little nudge of urgency. This "3rd act " is our 3rd of 3 after all. We've got to get moving and taking action! Still, I think we can act with a sense of purpose and urgency and have a couple laughs along the way.

If this sounds even a little bit like what you are looking for, do yourself a favor and contact me for a friendly conversation about how you can get to loving your life, your way.

  • California, United States