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About Natasha

“So, what is it that you do exactly?”

After 20 years in my field, some of my closest friends (and even family members!) still ask me this question. I get it: “storytelling” and “communications” can feel pretty broad.

Let me break it down: I help do-gooders do better. I work with nonprofits, government agencies, social purpose entrepreneurs, and other professional change-makers to tell their stories, level-up their impact, and create lasting change. My proprietary “Impact Mapping System” has led my clients to raise millions of dollars in charitable donations, achieve substantive legislative change, build empowered communities of advocates, and increase public awareness about timely issues that affect us all.

I’ve been doing this work for almost two decades and I LOVE it!

But…. life is change. And while I continue to serve my organizational clients, I’m also expanding the scope of my work to more closely align with my evolving personal mission.

You see, my own life has changed in ALL THE WAYS since I had my son, Finn, 4 years ago.

I suddenly became a mama (at the age of 46!) and a partner. I moved to Seattle (then moved again, and again, and once more). I shuttered my business to get a “real job” then left that job and reopened my agency. I lost my dog/best friend/companion of 13 years. And I learned to live with a life-altering back injury.… I could go on but I’ll spare you the details!

Trust me when I say that the last few years have earned me an honorary PhD in Change Navigation 😉 And through all of this change I’ve learned. A lot. Perhaps most importantly I’ve found percolating in me a deeper desire to use my skills to help others; particularly other women.

So I’m doing something new (and old)! I am leveraging the same Impact Mapping System I’ve used to help my clients be successful, coupled with my personal experience in creating order amidst change and uncertainty, to help purposeful women drive transformative change in their lives, in their work, and in the world.

In the spring of 2021, I launched Live Your Legacy, a 6-week impact accelerator to help change-making women gain clarity of purpose, harness their unique gifts, and chart step-by-step actionable roadmaps to the change they seek. And I've recently added three new options: one-day intensive Live Your Legacy workshops, a self-paced version of the group program, and individual one-on-one coaching.

Participants in the 6-week group program and the 1-day intensives work within a cohort of like-minded women who share their tenacity about making a difference; supporting one another in leveling-up, leaning into change, and living our legacies right now.

Oh, and “what do I do?” I help extraordinary women change the world.

xo, Natasha

  • Washington, United States