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Marcie Robinson

Helping Struggling Manifesting Enthusiasts Become Successful And Confident Co-Creators


About Marcie

Hi, I'm Marcie Robinson, and I'm a certified Life, Law Of Attraction/Manifesting coach. That means I'm a fearless enthusiast of universal principles and a shameless manifesting addict; I can't stop!

I started my own journey to a Law Of Attraction lifestyle in October of 2004. In 2007 I started helping other people when it became apparent to those around me that not only was my mindset different, but my actions had to be as well. So I let them in on how I was making significant changes in my life and turned my passion for living as a purposeful co-creator into a career. Here's why I do it;

*I hear manifesting is supposed to be super easy, but that wasn't the case for me. My learning curve was huge! I was a classic case of failing hard, time after time. However, because I'm a big nerd and I was determined to figure it out despite my frustration, I documented what I did and what my results were. Soon I started seeing patterns, which helped me see where I went wrong.

I learned manifesting can be easy, but it's also a customized experience.

Being a co-creator is a fabulous thing, and it's very intriguing to a lot of us. But not everybody's the spiritual type, making it more difficult for some. So I've dedicated myself to explaining the critical stuff in a way that's easy to understand while keeping the process as painless as humanly possible to implement into your life through my proprietary frameworks and extraordinary techniques.

In addition to coaching, I also mentor and teach people how to realize their dreams by using universal principles like the Law Of Attraction. I offer memberships, courses, challenges, and more so you can ditch the drama and bring your dreams into your physical reality.

Get to know me through The Magnetic Me; You + Law Of Attraction podcast or one of my websites.

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  • Canada
  • Law Of Attraction Coach
  • Life Coaching
Who I Help
  • Manifesting Enthusiasts
  • New Co-Creators
  • Struggling Co-Creators