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About Andrea


I'm an introverted extrovert, always caffeinated, mid-30s woman living a fulfilling & imperfect life on Canada's beautiful West Coast.

After cycling between accolades and burnouts for years, the pandemic inspired me to make some pretty drastic life changes including launching my coaching practice - a business that feels like the most joy-filled & impactful work I can offer into the world at this time.

Do you:

* Have a dream you're keeping bottled up because you don't trust yourself to make it happen

* Give so deeply to others that there's little time for your own desires & self-care

* Hesitate to admit that what you're doing isn't fulfilling anymore and that something has to change - terrifying as that is!

If you nodded through the list, then my blend of Life, Leadership, & Courage Coaching might be the game-changer you deserve & I'd love to explore how I can help!

Relationships, connection, & impact have been the through-line of my career and life. #Bigtalk>#Smalltalk :)

Let's connect :)

Prior to coaching, my career has spanned from coffee shops to board rooms, from speech writing to presenting to audiences over 500 people, and from leading a multi-million dollar community initiative to running a kick-ass youth social entrepreneurship program. I've primarily worked in the non-profit and social innovation sector so impact and purpose are always part of my conversations!

  • Canada
Who I Help
  • Early Career Leaders
  • Early & Mid Career Professional Women
  • Impact-led entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Non-profit professionals
  • social entrepreneurs
  • Women