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Annie Burton

Building a connection together to help you attain your life goals or walk with you on the road of grief.


About Annie

Hi there! My name is Annie and I am a Master Level Grief coach as well as a certified Life Coach. As a life coach, I also offer accountability support as well. I got into Grief Coaching first because I was just in such a bad space whereby my dad, my fiancee, and both my grandparents passed away over a two-year span. I just wasn't sure how to keep going. I put a lot of work into becoming whole again and through that process, I decided I wanted to be a part of helping others also feel like they aren't alone on the grief road. From there, it was just an easy decision to think of the other end of the spectrum, improving the life we currently live on this earth. I became a certified Life Coach so that I can offer support in all areas whether it be wellness, nutrition, career support, or whatever areas you are looking for assistance. I am excited to have a chance to work with you. I am dedicated to putting in the work as long as you are equally willing to put the work in. Let's work together to make that change happen, no matter what road you may be on.

  • Idaho, United States
  • Accredited Master Degree in Mental Health & Wellness with a specialty in Grief
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Couples
  • everyone
  • Families
  • Grief and loss
  • Individuals
  • parents
  • small business entrepreneurs
  • Teenagers