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About Emily

I am a general life coach who believes every human deserves to feel good. I believe way too many people feel way too bad way too much of the time.

In part, this is because we are not taught how our brains work, how they tend to sabotage our attempts at change, and how to make things happen even when it feels impossible.

I love helping clients see what is truly possible for themselves, and then helping them learn how to make it happen.

I coach clients once a week in 45-minute sessions via Google Meet. I contract with clients on a month-to-month basis so we can work together until they reach the transformation they desire, whether that is quickly or takes longer.

Reach out today to get started feeling better and building a life you love. I promise that it is possible for you! Let me help you get there. I can't wait!

  • Montana, United States
  • Certified Life Coach
Who I Help
  • Humans with human brains who want to feel better and create lives they love.