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About Lisa

We all have our own stories and journeys that life takes us on. Life has certainly given me many opportunities for learning and personal growth. My mother died when I was 14 and she was just 42 years young. I have learned that growing up I was an invisible chameleon. At home I didn't want to rock the boat any more than it was already being rocked with my mom being sick for 3 1/2 years (invisible). With my peers I desperately wanted to be accepted and to fit in and be liked (chameleon). As a result, I spent many years not knowing who I was and what was important to me. I got married young to a wonderful man, but he wasn't the wonderful man for me.

After getting divorced I started a long journey of self-discovery. I learned who I am and what is important to me in a relationship. I worked through my fear that I was going to die young like my mother did and slowly worked my way through the long list of doctors that I knew I needed to see but had been avoiding. Through practicing self-care and taking care of my health I believe that I created the space to meet my husband. He is my best friend and the perfect match for me.

I have always known that I am a compassionate, empathetic person who enjoys helping people and I finally figured out that my purpose is being of service.

It was a long journey for me to discover a career path that makes my heart sing. I am a Martha Beck Coach in Training, and I am excited to share with you the tools I am learning and to help you with whatever it is that has you looking for a life coach.

  • California, United States