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About Nina

That's the focus of Nina's work as a mindful leadership coach. In her work, she combines leadership coaching, neuroscience, and mindfulness. Grounded in the latest research, she uses a holistic approach integrating body, breath, mind and heart. The tools she shares helped her after a burnout to get back to health and find her path - and hundreds of clients across the globe ever since. Today, Nina shares this work in 1:1 and group coachings, and teaches it to corporate leaders. Nina works online or in her private practice in Vienna.

Nina is trained in leadership coaching, systemic coaching, is a nervous-system & trauma-informed breath coach & teacher, and a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Before her career in coaching, she spent 6.5 years at the Boston Consulting Group, as a project leader for large scale transformations and headed the BCG women's network for Austria.

  • Austria
  • Certified Breath Coach and Breath Work Teacher
  • Certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher
  • Executive Coach (PCC Level)
  • Nervous-system informed & trauma-informed
  • Systemic Coaching
Who I Help
  • Highly sensitive leaders
  • Leaders looking for a holistic approach to leadership and life
  • Leaders who want to find new ways to meet their stress and difficult emotions
  • Leaders who want to make a difference without sacrificing their health or happin
  • People who want to cultivate mindful leadership