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About Shanda

I'm Shanda Young, and I have been coaching women in the areas of fitness and weight-loss for 18 years. I absolutely love facilitating LASTING habit change for my clients, and it lights me up to see them empowered in their new choices...and enjoying the process!

I’ve been training to coach clients in the areas of neuroscience and deep change work for four years now, and I can’t wait to show others that they already have exactly what they need to have, do, and be whatever it is they want in their life. They have a say in how their life goes! Powerful.

Remember a time in your life when you felt CONFIDENT, FREE, ALIVE, ENERGETIC, and HAPPY? Yes! That's what I'm here to help you discover newly for yourself and your life, in much less time it would take you to do it on your own. It is possible!

  • Arizona, United States
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Former Leader of Landmark
  • NLP practitioner
Who I Help
  • Business Owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Go-Getters
  • High-achievers