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Gina Howell

Supporting leaders to re-imagine healthy and high performing workplaces


About Gina

The well-being of your people and the quality of your leadership has a direct impact on the productivity and effectiveness of your team. Leaders set the tone of the organization, and they create the environment for your team to do their best work.

When you’re dealing with burnout, difficult team dynamics, and lack of trust and communication it’s challenging to get the results you know you can achieve.

Our consulting, training and coaching is designed for the specific challenges of the healthcare and public service sectors. Our programs build personal resilience and help professionals withstand the unique pressures of their working environment.

You CAN help your people to think and act in new ways and achieve greater alignment and productivity. High-performing teams and healthy workplaces are engaged, focused, and success-oriented, with a clear sense of purpose and vision.

Our programs bring out the best in your people, and allow them to work past their saboteurs to identify and embrace what brings them energy and enjoyment at work.

As an RN and then in my career managing public health programs and leading through several public health emergencies at Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, I’ve had first-hand experience with heavy workloads and the pressure to perform.

Since founding Gina Howell Coaching, I’ve worked with clients in a variety of organizations, from entrepreneurs to those working in private industry and governmental organizations. I've supported senior leaders, many nearing burnout, to shift from being reactive and self-protective to once again feeling balanced, being empowering and modelling healthy workplace habits.

Your workplace well-being culture starts with you! Develop a healthy culture and create remarkable change!

  • Canada
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC)
Who I Help
  • Executives
  • Health Care Industry
  • Leaders
  • Nurses
  • Physicians
  • Public Service Sector