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About Coach J.Lynne, MSW, CHt

Coaching women since 1987 in personal healing arts including skills training in tools a woman could utilize independently of coaching sessions.

If you are a woman experiencing insomnia, stress, and excessive tension, and the weight or smoking or repetitive problems in relationships, I am a helper. I work with women who are ready to make real change in their lives. Perhaps you have been through psychotherapy and know the issues but find they are stubborn, and continue to experience inner desperation or rage. Maybe what you need is a healer.

Coach J.Lynne works with women and their Higher Power to achieve lasting results with insomnia, stress, weight loss, cigarette addiction, unsatisfactory relationships, sadness, and low self-confidence.

It feels good accomplishing freedom from internal stress stemming from old relationships and unfinished grieving of relationships. Coach J.Lynne uses an unusual blend of ancient healing techniques, archetypes and angelology, and mindfulness-guided experiences online.

This provides mental clarity and often refreshing of the outlook. Coach J.Lynne is trained extensively in facilitation of personal growth in individuals and holds post-graduate credentialing as a Clinician (3000 + hours). Coach J.Lynne is also a certified Hypnotherapist, CHt., a behavior analyst, an Ordained Reverend, and a Life Coach specializing in women’s issues such as peri and menopausal anxiety, geriatric stressors, assertiveness training and confidence skills training. Coach J.Lynne helps with life transitions such as “empty nest” and career transitions such as retirement or career change support.

  • California, United States