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About Walter

I'm a Life Coach because I believe in the power of the humility it takes to change. It's the same humility that stretches across all aspects of our lives affording us the ability to see one another as the image we were created to be. Each one of us needs the interpersonal competence of another. And there will always be a time when our need for change, however tangible or intangible, is met with the compassion of another who desires to help shoulder the burden. People helping people. That's why I'm a coach. I've spent most of my career in exercise science as a fitness professional helping an array of clientele achieve their fitness, nutritional, and wellness goals. Throughout my tenure, I've continued to explore, study and apply my continued education in cognitive behavior, mental health, and NLP.

  • Texas, United States
  • Certified Cognitive Behavioral Technique Life Coach
  • Certified Mental Health Coach
Who I Help
  • Better Habits
  • Christian Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Men
  • Mental Health
  • People Seeking Change
  • Women