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Cat Paterson

Partner in crime to gutsy introverted business owners


About Cat

One time head of intelligence analysis for a national covert agency, turned partner in crime to my fellow introverted people.

Do life YOUR way.
Do business on YOUR terms.
Create your own YOUprint - blueprints don't work for you.

Let's get focused on what lights you up, what drives and motivates you and your preferences. That's the only way to love what you do, each and every single day.

Why Me?
I have created and sold a product
I co-own an engineering company (brick and mortar)
I have my own mentoring/coaching company
I have created and sold 1000s of digital products
I operate in an associate coaching capacity for charity sector organisations and high level entrepreneur programmes

  • United Kingdom
  • Certified flow coach
  • Creator of YOUprint profiling tool
Who I Help
  • entrepreneurs
  • facilitators
  • flow
  • introverts
  • Leadership
  • small business