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Jenni Chadwick

Holding a space for healing and transformation so you can live a fulfilling soul-led life


About Jenni

Human life and the journey we are on is all about growth. We grow. We change. We evolve. We expand. Often we are forced to change our lives due to events and circumstances. Heartbreak, illness, employment, the pandemic. The pandemic forced us all to stop, and for me it was an incredibly intense period of my career (in education, leading a primary school) and unlike many who were furloughed or were out of work, my workload seemed to double and this took its toll on me mentally, emotionally and physically. During the summer holidays of 2021 I had a couple of days on my own before my own children finished school for the summer, and it was probably the first time I had stopped and reflected on what I had just experienced, and I knew that it could not continue. The constant state of anxiety over safety, pressures to constantly adapt a way of working, supporting families in crisis and all the while supporting my own children with their education. If I continued as I was I knew it would break me. I did not want that and I certainly did not want to role model that to my children.

We can view the life events that force us to change as negative, or we can flip that thinking and view it as a gift, an opportunity to use our imperfections as a catalyst for improvement. This is why I am now an alignment coach, working with people who feel out of alignment with their true selves, or have strayed away accidentally over time from what makes them happy, what makes their soul sing. I can support you in identifying the parts of you that are holding you back from your ultimate potential and support you to change the narratives behind them.

I am passionate about helping people to truly live their best lives, to overcome any barriers, blocks, narratives that are holding them back and allow them to live a purposeful, happy and soul-led life. We only have one life in this human body, we all deserve to make it the best version.

  • United Kingdom
  • IAPC&M
Who I Help
  • Men
  • Out of alignment
  • People who want long lasting change
  • Soul led life seekers
  • Spiritual
  • Women