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About Susmita

Susmita is the author creator of Awakening with Ease Signature Program to support professional women, mindful leaders, creative entrepreneurs and contemplatives going through difficult life and job transitions and existential or identity crisis about their purpose, calling and direction in life and livelihood.

She uses awareness based tools to relieve multiple source of stress in modern lives, restore calm, ease, clarity, confidence and trust in oneself and the universe. She teaches how to use one's own life experience to access embodied wisdom and inner GPS by use of the power of mindfulness, mindful inquiry and wise attention. She offers both customized one to one coaching and group programs or a combination of self-learning with guidance.

Human life is a precious opportunity to grow and wake up. Take Your mental distress, spiritual urgency and existential crisis as heart's distress call for your loving and wise attention.
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  • North Carolina, United States