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Lisa Salisbury

Check in with your body, not a diet app


About Lisa

I help women to lose weight without counting and calculating their food. If you’ve chronically dieted in the past and are ready to stop obsessing about food and your body, let’s work together to get you in a natural, healthy eating habit.

But life coaching for weight loss? Shouldn’t I be striving for a more noble change? Actually no! When you learn the skill of losing weight, you’ll be surprised at how it translates into other areas of life. Craving chocolate & craving more instagram? Same solutions. Avoiding vegetables/protein & avoiding your to-do list? Same solutions.

Here’s my philosophy: I believe “diets” with end dates are just about the worst thing you can do for your mind & body! I teach my clients a way of eating that will be a long term, sustainable practice.
I believe attaching moral judgments to food by labeling them good or bad is harmful– especially because we label ourselves similarly for eating those foods!
I believe the key to health & weight management is to pick “power foods” just 80-90% of the time. No foods are “off limits” in my programs.
I believe that movement is an important aspect of a healthy lifestyle.
I believe that loving your body right now is the most beautiful path to change.

  • California, United States
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Certified Weight Loss Coach
Who I Help
  • moms
  • women